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The Matching Ring Set For Couples are a symbol of love and romance

A bit of history...

The engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love that has been around since Antiquity. It was a basic, iron ring that was positioned on the left hand of the ring, which, according to the legend, there was a vein that connected the finger directly to the middle.

In the Middle Ages, silver and bronze gradually replaced the iron ring.

But it was in the 15th century that precious stones and diamonds were introduced in more elaborate settings. Diamonds were reserved for nobles in the era and promised harmony after marriage.

What ring do YOU want?

The engagement ring is much more than a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of love.

It can be a challenge for a beginner to pick an engagement ring. What should you consider when choosing between a colored stone or a diamond? Select a paved or non-paved, or pink, white, or yellow gold ring?

This is also when it is a good idea to consider the wedding ring to select a ring that will complement the wedding ring.

What size and type of stone?

The diamond is the symbol of the purity and eternality. It is traditionally the most chosen gemstone for an engagement ring. It is possible to choose one of the colored stones like sapphire, ruby or emerald. There are no set rules other than to determine the preferences of your prospective wife.

The selection of stone cutting will depend on your budget as well as your taste. It is possible to pick round oval, pear, square or rectangle, triangle, shuttle or fancy sizes like the heart size.

What metal?

The color and the metal are also important. You can pick from white gold, yellow gold, platinum or even pink. This is a different choice to which we must be aware. It might seem reasonable to choose the shade that matches your skin tone. But, it is crucial to examine the rings of your prospective wife to better understand her preferences.

What's the style of ring you wear?

There are a myriad of designs of engagement rings. There are three main types of rings. And also, a customized creation, which is a unique piece, designed to measure, that will be more original than any other piece.

Traditional Solitaire

The setting is made of the unique stone. This is perhaps the most pure and popular engagement ring. The traditional frame will have the advantage of coordinating more easily to the wedding ring.

The Solitaire, with an entourage and/or pave body of a ring.

The setting has the central stone, which is with stones surrounding it, and the ring is made of stones. This option lets you draw attention to the center stone and also to show a colored stone.

The Trilogy or You & Me

The setting for the Trilogy is set with three diamonds (Yesterday Today, Tomorrow, and Today) of identical size while for the "Toi and Moi", the setting is set with two stones. They can be identical in shape and color, or completely different.

Personalized creation - unique piece

Unique piece A personalized creation offers the benefit of creating an original and unique piece of jewelry. From the sketch to the choice of gemstones the jewel is crafted to fit the style, morphology, tastes and colors of your love. This option has the major benefit of being able adjust exactly to your budget.

What is your budget?

This is the most frequently asked question we face when choosing a jewelry. The cost of a piece of jewelry is largely determined by the stone that is used as the centerpiece. But, it also depends on the metal and the type of frame.

Tradition suggests that the average budget for the wedding ring should be between one and two months' salary. There aren't any guidelines today, only that you choose the ring that best suits your budget and future bride's expectations.


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