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Handicap 1.5 – A Comprehensive Guide for Novice Bettors

Handicap 1.5 is the most basic handicap bet that every novice bettor should know when stepping into the world of football betting. This type of bet commonly appears in matches where the home team is significantly stronger than the away team, or vice versa. Below, Wintips will provide all the information about the one-and-a-half goal handicap along with handicap asiatico for analyzing bookmakers' odds as requested by players.

What is Handicap 1.5?

Handicap 1.5, also seen on reputable bookmakers' odds boards with names like one-and-a-half goal handicap or 1 ½ handicap, is the most fundamental handicap bet that every newcomer should be aware of in this entertainment industry. Typically, this handicap appears most frequently in matches where one team is much stronger than the other.

Simply put, Handicap 1.5 means that before the match begins, the team with the handicap will start with a 1.5-goal deficit. Winning a one-and-a-half goal handicap bet yields high returns, but losing can result in significant losses, so it's crucial to thoroughly understand the handicap before analyzing the odds.

Outcomes of Handicap 1.5

When playing, bettors will encounter three outcomes: win, lose, or draw. Let's analyze each scenario regarding the 1.5 goal handicap:

If the final score results in the team with the handicap winning by a margin of exactly two goals over the other team, those who bet on the favored team will win their bets while those who bet on the underdog will lose their stakes.

If a bet is placed on the favored team with a one-and-a-half goal handicap and that team wins by only one goal difference, the better will lose the bet. However, if the bet is placed on the underdog, the stake is safe.

If bettors choose the underdog but the favored team wins, all the money bet on the underdog will be lost.

In the case of a draw and a bet placed on the favored team, the bet is lost. However, if the bet is on the underdog, the stake remains safe.

Effective Strategies for Handicap 1.5 – 2 Betting

Although Handicap 1.5 differs from other handicap bets in many aspects, it still poses challenges for novices. Therefore, if you want to play efficiently with minimal effort, it's essential to quickly grasp some strategies shared by reputable bookmakers:

Choose the Right Time to Place Bets: Try to place bets about 10 minutes before the match starts. Betting at this time ensures that the bookmakers won't significantly influence the odds, ensuring fairness in the betting market.

Research Match Information: Two days before the match, if possible, prepare as much information as you can. Understanding relevant match details will help you make objective evaluations for the most accurate choices.

Some crucial match information to research includes:

Starting lineups


Home team, away team

Weather conditions...

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Choosing a Handicap Betting Odds

To choose handicap betting odds, the first thing players need to do is to observe the match within the first 15 minutes. Pay close attention; if the game is favoring the leading team and the handicap odds of 1.5 remain unchanged, you have an advantage. Next, if the leading team shows strong form and stable attacking, immediately invest in that team.

Analyzing Odds Based on Team Play

A safe match will involve two teams with similar lineups and form. In such matches, there will be minimal interference from either team or any other organization. Therefore, it's advisable to quickly analyze the handicap odds of 1.5 for such matches to profit.

Analyzing Soccer Odds When Bookmakers Release New Odds

Typically, bookmakers release their odds around 4-5 PM. So, check the odds around this time and wait about 2 hours to recheck; if there are no changes, it's a recommended bet.

Avoid Over-Betting

While a handicap of 1.5 offers high rewards, it's relatively easy to play. However, beginners should determine their capital before betting to avoid losing all their money.

Tips for Handicap Betting as Requested by Players

We've received many questions about handicap betting tips. Therefore, in this article, we'll suggest some effective tips that many players apply:

Handicap betting of one and a half goals is more common in major tournaments. Similar to a strong team against a weaker one, the odds reflect the relative strength of both teams. So, choose matches where both teams are likely to score.

In the case of matches played on neutral ground, it's best to choose the stronger team or the team likely to win. Of course, we'll provide useful information before you proceed with your bet.

Monitor the first 15 minutes of the match, then calculate or wait until the handicap odds reduce to increase your winning chances. In matches where goals are scarce, the probability of a handicap of over 1.5 appearing is higher. Therefore, beginners should try to follow the odds board beforehand and during the match.

Considerations for Placing a Handicap Bet to Increase Winning Chances

To participate in handicap betting, newcomers need to be decisive, accepting one win and one loss. Never hesitate and change your chosen odds afterward, as it leads to confusion and anxiety.

Finding the discrepancy between over and under odds will lead to more accurate decisions. Moreover, all home teams have a significant advantage, so players should consider this point.

Beware of trap bets like false or virtual odds set by bookmakers to make you lose. Therefore, finding and playing soccer betting at reputable bookmakers ensures the safety of your capital and personal betting tips best sites information.

Handicap betting of 1.5 offers simple gameplay and high rewards, but the risk of losing is also significant. This type of bet often appears when there's a relative balance between two teams, meaning a strong team against a weaker one. If you want to win, you can refer to the experiences and effective betting tips mentioned above.


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